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Miora si Beldran

To Aldvar s'Endrin, Lord of Inenmar and Protector of Quire

My lord, most noble and gracious sir,

What whisperings met me upon my arrival at Wintercourt this morn! How surprised I was to be greeted by only his letter instead of my lord himself. I would scarce otherwise give credit to the whisperings, but your letter put to light the happenings behind them. I was most relieved to learn that my lord remains well--to hear the courtiers speak of it, you were wounded near as terrible as the Lord Pendrin. Of course, had I not been weary as I was from travel, I would have remembered my lord's skill with a blade and worried not.

As our betrothal is known through court, I will take your warnings to heart. House Velreisan is not near as strong as it was in the days of my father's father, and I can little risk being the target of subtleties. Do not think, however, that I regret in any way my association with you. My lord has ever been honorable and kind to this lady, and I think fondly of the day we may meet again.

I will keep my wits about me and my senses sharp. At my lord's suggestion, I have contacted Kornan Olvendi. As I write, I await his reply to my hasty message. Be assured, my lord, I shall ask him many questions--at times one must loose one's childhood quirks. Does my lord take this opportunity to again hide in the cellars and terrify the wine steward at House Inenmar? This lady supposes not, but she hold the image yet in her mind--what years have passed since then!

My waiting woman reminds me I must soon present myself. I hope this letter finds you well.

House Velreisan, on Summer's 8th Day
In her own hand,
Miora si Beldran, Lady Velreisan
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